New Born Little Hamper

New Born Little Hamper

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Bottles, Diapers, Nappies and Pins: This Is Where The Fun Begins! The New Born Litte Hamper is too perfect to be true! When a white pot, 3 stir-ins, a couple of biscuit chocolates and some almond rocks are thrown in together, the result is a hamper as special as the new phase in your life. Get gifting!

a small basket contains :

1 White Pot,

3 Hot chocolate stir-ins (1 of each flavour : Masala mil | Cinnamon | Dark Chocolate)

a pack of 2 biscuit chocolate + 5 Almond Rocks

Appx dimension of the Hamper (inches) :Base Diameter : 5.5",  Height (with the handle) : 7"

Minimum Order Quantity : 50 pcs