The Christmas Box

The Christmas Box

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The word Nugget was originally meant for native gold. The carefully crafted subtly pepperminted soft hearted almonds are no less!! They are the newest creation from our kitchen. Along with some Cookies, warm flavours of Ginger and caramelised sugar nestled in each crumb, softly and richly swaddled in dark chocolate. It feels like a mother's love for her child, warm, comforting and happy!

Chocolates in one box : 10 Peppermint Almond Nuggets (33% Cacao)  + 4 Chocolate Ginger cookies (57% Dark Chocolate)

Dimensions of the box : 9 inches Breadth ; 7.5 inches Length ; 1.5 Inches Height

Shelf Life of the Chocolates : 6-8 Days.

No Refrigeration required. (once refrigerated, needs to be at that temperature to avoid melting)

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