the VENTI hamper

the VENTI hamper

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It's not enoough chocolates unless you're bursting out of your clothes by the end of it! Harsh's Venti Hamper's personal goal is to do just that! With all our lip-smacking delights in one biggggg box, The Venti is all you'll  need for your special diet plan! So snuggle in your best pajamas and warm socks to enjoy this one, or gift it to your loved ones and see them go crazy with delight!

Hamper contents :

1 box of 5 Brownie chocolate

20 Biscuit Chocolates

1 Gift box (with 30 Almond rocks)

4 Hot chocolate Stir Ins

Dimension of the Hamper (appx inches) : Length : 15", Breadth : 12.5", Height : 4.5"

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