Baby Announcement Singles_Biscuit Chocolate

Baby Announcement Singles_Biscuit Chocolate

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Allow our 'Biscuit Chocolate SIngles' to cast a spell on you, added with the baby element..the receiver's going to remember you quite a while..Crumbly, crunchy and oh-so-chocolatey, these ones are sure to win your heart and of your loved ones too! Include them in any of your plans for an added touch of awesomeness. Once you have eaten them, you will want nothing else, we promise! Ideal for in-office distribution or kept at home for the visitors!

Every Biscuit Chocolate given out with love!

We can customise these SINGLES with your names!

Dimension of each single (Inches) : Height : 4.5", Length : 3"

Minimum Order Quantity : 150 pcs

18% GST Applicable